Sunglasses – Tel Aviv

תצוגת אופנה מרימקוA fashion statement, critical protection for the eyes from sun damage or improved vision?

At Shakoof our view is that good Sunglasses often provide all these benefits.
We have a great selection of sunglasses ranging from the best designer fashion brands such as Prada to day to day frames.
Vision is complex and we only use well trained and experienced Optometrists to help. Our professional team have many years of experience and our repeat client base is a credit to their skills.
We have the added benefit of a Lab in our shop where our expert team can often provide prescription lenses the same day.
So whether you want to be the star of the show in ‘special edition’ glasses or simply see better in the sunshine, at Shakoof we will find the perfect sunglasses to suit you.

  • prescription lenses
  • clip ons
  • sports sunglasses
  • mirrored
  • Polaroid
  • transition
  • curved wrap around


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